Securus America's social media leads have gone viral. Be part of the highest compensation, lowest cost quality leads in the industry.

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Final Expense Leads - Exclusive Pricing for Securus America: $ 17.00

Mortgage Protection Leads - Exclusive Pricing for Securus America: $ 41.00 

Minimum order of 20 leads.

Securus America contracted agents only.

Fantastic Lead System

I wanted to thank you for the fantastic new Facebook lead system! I received my first set of twenty Facebook leads last week and the results have been excellent! I followed the 12 point system exactly and it really works just as it was explained. The 12 point system is a very effective method of calling and the scripts are very simple and to the point; which results in appointments!!! The reason the system is so effective is because there is a definite resolve to the lead that comes quickly (within 3 days). The resolve comes from the repetition attempted contact in a short period of time. The information is fresh in the prospective client’s mind. I found dialing from different phone numbers yielded great success in reaching people. In the past, I have experienced calling and calling the same numbers over and over again for months and months. With the 12 point system I was able to connect and get a resolve with 80% of the leads within 3 days!! This is unheard of in the past. I also noticed using text messaging was extremely proficient. Not only am I getting replies and setting appointments from the text messages I am also able to work from anywhere at any time! I found this to be so effective I started texted my other leads on hand from other marketing sources and had excellent results as well. Out of the 20 leads I have already sold 4 policies and have 4 left to reach. I would highly recommend this system to anyone working leads. I been selling life insurance with Securus for over 14 years and this lead system is at the top of the list!! Thank you again for all of your support! The Facebook leads are delivered lightning fast!!! No waiting around for 4 – 6 for mail replies. There were 20 leads delivered to me within 2 days of my order!! Fantastic system!!

Angela M. - Kingdom City, MO

Incredible Compensation

My former IMO had a multi-level marketing platform where the people at the top of the food chain reaped all the benefits and even though I was writing $4,000 of AP, I could barely afford to pay $30 or more for my direct mail leads.

Sarah J. - Lincoln, NE

Low Upfront Investment

I was trying to build a team and found I was wasting my time recruiting because of the huge upfront investment and the time it took for a new agent to receive their leads. With the Securus System, an agent can have their initial lead order filled within 48 hours and start earning 2-3 days later! This means I can use my first weeks earnings to pay for my second deck of leads and don't have to lay out $3,000 or more upfront. 

Landon B. - Thousand Oaks, CA

High Quality Leads


Every IMO makes promises they can't keep. I've been with Securus America for over a year now. My leads are delivered every time on time and are of the highest quality social media leads I've ever worked. Not only are they high quality but they are only $17 each. When you combine that with the incredible compensation I'm receiving, it's no wonder my income is up over 30% from my former IMO.

Robert K. - Baltimore, MD

The Securus System

If something isn't broken, don't fix it. The Securus Social Media selling system was developed by Cody Askins, an extremely high producing Final Expense Agent. Follow Cody's system exactly as outlined and watch your sales soar. It's like putting your key in the ignition and pressing the start button!

Victor C. - Orlando, FL